Editing Excel sheet on the web?

When posting an excel file on the web, users are able to open and edit
fields directly in Internet Explorer.

1. Can users edit the sheet even if they do not have Excel installed on
their machine? Is there anyway to do this?


mico12 (3)
1/30/2004 12:15:40 PM
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"MikeJ" <mico12@yahoo.com> wrote in news:OlKzHry5DHA.2540

> 1. Can users edit the sheet even if they do not have Excel installed on
> their machine? Is there anyway to do this?

A few ways -- they can download the Excel Viewer from Microsoft, or you can 
use a commercial product for converting an excel file to a webpage.

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pqaf4hm02 (126)
1/30/2004 3:53:34 PM
I'm assuming that the Excel Viewer is free.

Are there limitations of using this?

This will be used for simple calculations.

With the viewer, can you still download a complete .xls file to your


mico12 (3)
1/30/2004 5:52:42 PM
Excel viewer is free from Microsoft, but your user would only be able to
view the data and not save any changes. I can't recall if they can
actually edit formuls or not.

You can also save an excel as a webpage by using the save as. Again the
user could only view the data.

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1/30/2004 9:00:23 PM

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