Duplicating parts of a worksheet

I am working with an excel worksheet with five columns (account, date
description, purchase order, and expense amount).   I want to summariz
from this worksheet all of the expenses by account.  

I know how to get the total expenses for each account from this list
but I want to be able to create another worksheet for each account tha
lists date, description, purchase order, and expense amount.  Is ther
a way to do this without requiring double entering of everything

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6/23/2004 8:33:26 PM
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This sounds like a job for a Pivottable.

You can create a nice summary report based on your master worksheet.

Then you can drill down into any of those pivottable total fields and show the
rows of data that were used to make this total.

If you want to learn more about pivottables, here are a few links.

Debra Dalgleish's pictures at Jon Peltier's site:
And Debra's own site:

John Walkenbach also has some at:
(look for Tony Gwynn's Hit Database)

Chip Pearson keeps Harald Staff's notes at:

MS has some at (xl2000 and xl2002):

I think I'd do the pivottable stuff--it's very quick after you spend a little
time learning.  But I wouldn't separate my data.

But I would apply Data|filter|Autofilter to the range so I could filter by just
the stuff I wanted to see.

And if you use =subtotal(), you'll see that it only applies to the visible
cells.  (It ignores the rows hidden by the autofilter.)

"msherman83 <" wrote:
> I am working with an excel worksheet with five columns (account, date,
> description, purchase order, and expense amount).   I want to summarize
> from this worksheet all of the expenses by account.
> I know how to get the total expenses for each account from this list,
> but I want to be able to create another worksheet for each account that
> lists date, description, purchase order, and expense amount.  Is there
> a way to do this without requiring double entering of everything?
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Dave Peterson
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6/23/2004 10:55:38 PM

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