Design issue; and finding and displaying row on other workbook

1. An academic course is divided into two sections: lecture and
discussion. The lecture section contains all classes, but the
discussion classes do not. The discussion section is further divided
into three subsections, each containing multiple classes.

The need is to coordinate student attendance and grades for all
sections. Currently we have 1 lecture section workbook with all
student names, IDs, and other info; and 3 discussion section workbooks
with the same only for the relevant subsection. And then there is a
consolidation workbook where lecture and discussion are put together
and attendance and grades totaled horizontally by student. The
teachers email in their workbooks weekly for the consolidation.
(Ideally, we'd just all update a common database, but that isn't
practical at this point.)

Currently the consolidation workbook just composed of links to the
teacher workbooks, and they were gotten by copying and pasting links
from those. So at weekly consolidation time, all the teacher workbooks
are loaded and then the consolidation. This seems to work well as long
as no rows are out of place or deleted in any workbook, so care must
be taken that no workbook has been sorted differently from the
original linking.

My question is, does this seem a reasonable design or not, or should
something else be done, like copying rows per session or lookup etc.

2. We have another workbook of private student info by student ID, but
it may or may not contain all the IDs on our attendance/grade
workbooks. We'd like to be able to click on a link beside an ID in our
attendance/grade workbook, or select a cell containing an ID number
and pressing a button, and be taken immediately to the correct row in
the student info file, to send an email or get the phone number.

Attendance Workbook A

     ID               Absences        etc.
1 444555              4
2 666777              6

Private Info Workbook B

      ID                Email
1 333554  
2 444555  
2 666777            (empty)

So say we want to get from 444555 in A to 444555 in B quickly without
having to manually do a Find or filter. Any easy way of doing that?

Appreciate any help, thanks!

2/9/2007 6:14:43 AM
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