Delete cells with content that don't contain the =?UTF-8?B?wqMgc3ltYm9s?=

I have a very large messy excel file that contains some data I want to isolate. The other data is unneeded and basically in the way.

I want to delete/clear all the other cells that do not contain the ? pound symbol. This way I will be left with just the pricing info I need. 

All help appreciated

3/23/2012 12:46:11 PM
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On Fri, 23 Mar 2012 12:46:11 GMT, Gary N <> wrote:

>I want to delete/clear all the other cells that do not contain the ? pound symbol. 

"Be careful what you wish for"

This can be done with a VBA Macro:

To enter this Macro (Sub), <alt-F11> opens the Visual Basic Editor.
Ensure your project is highlighted in the Project Explorer window.
Then, from the top menu, select Insert/Module and
paste the code below into the window that opens.

To use this Macro (Sub), <alt-F8> opens the macro dialog box. Select the macro by name, and <RUN>.
It will clear every cell that does not contain the � sign in either the text string or the numberformat string.

The caveat is that, as you requested, ALL cells that do not contain the � will be cleared.  You will find that any cells that have labels, or descriptive data, but do not contain the � sign, will also be cleared.  
Is this what you want?
If not, and if the cells you wish to process are, for example, numbers not formatted with the � sign, please be more specific about your data.  If some of that data you wish to retain is text containing the � sign, the algorithm will be different than if the data to be retained is numeric data formatted with the � sign.

Option Explicit
Sub ClearPoundData()
    Dim rg As Range, c As Range
    Const sPound As String = "�"
Set rg = ActiveSheet.UsedRange
For Each c In rg
    If InStr(c.Text, sPound) = 0 And _
        InStr(c.NumberFormat, sPound) = 0 Then
    End If
Next c
End Sub
ron6368 (329)
3/23/2012 1:38:43 PM

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