Defining Column Widths

Hi i need to define the column widths and heights of the excel worksheets in 
cm but it appears that the default measurement is not in cm so how can i go 
abt changing the default to be in Centimeters?

Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated
Thank you
Alvin (14)
10/5/2005 12:15:02 PM
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Assuming 96 pixels per inch you could approximate but at different resolutions
your approximation can be off.

If you want to use VBA to set height and width in mm...........

Ole Erlandson has code for setting row and column dimensions. 

Gord Dibben Excel MVP 

On Wed, 5 Oct 2005 05:15:02 -0700, "Alvin" <>

>Hi i need to define the column widths and heights of the excel worksheets in 
>cm but it appears that the default measurement is not in cm so how can i go 
>abt changing the default to be in Centimeters?
>Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated
>Thank you

10/6/2005 4:02:01 PM
On Wed, 5 Oct 2005 05:15:02 -0700, "Alvin"
<> wrote:

>Hi i need to define the column widths and heights of the excel worksheets in 
>cm but it appears that the default measurement is not in cm so how can i go 
>abt changing the default to be in Centimeters?
>Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated
>Thank you

I can't take credit for this (I don't write VBA), but these links may

Don S
10/6/2005 7:22:15 PM

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