Data Validation in Shared Workbook

I set up a shared workbook that included some data validation.  Now I
need to add an additional valid value but when I go to Tools, Share
Workbook, Editing I cannot turn off "Allow changes....) so that I can
change the validation.   It is OK if I lose the change history up to
this point.

Any ideas why this option is disabled?


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9/1/2005 3:20:03 PM
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If the workbook is protected, this option won't be available.

To turn off protection, choose Tools>Protection >Unprotect Shared Workbook

susieqhersh wrote:
> I set up a shared workbook that included some data validation.  Now I
> need to add an additional valid value but when I go to Tools, Share
> Workbook, Editing I cannot turn off "Allow changes....) so that I can
> change the validation.   It is OK if I lose the change history up to
> this point.
> Any ideas why this option is disabled?
> Thanks!

Debra Dalgleish
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9/1/2005 7:22:23 PM

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