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Question for you, please:

In the past, if I wanted to use an EXCEL data table, I was sure that
the "row input" and "column input" cells needed to have values in
them.  It needed to be, for example, 3, not even =3, since the latter
is a formula.  That made sense to me because you are asking EXCEL to
give you some other cell's result with different values for this
"input" cell.  Recently, I replaced such an input with a formula and,
to my surprise, the data table results did not change and it seems to
work anyway, which kind of blows me away.  You would think that EXCEL
would object to changing a cell that has a formula in it, wouldn't
you?  It seems that it is simply ignoring the formula and replacing it
with the values you ask it test.

I am using EXCEL 2003.

Are you seeing the same phenomenon?   Does it make sense to you?  Is
this a recent update to EXCEL 2003 that was not there before.

deanalt (32)
11/2/2010 4:25:17 AM
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A typo in this sentence is fixed (see UPPER CASE word) here

It seems that it is simply ignoring the formula and replacing it with
the values you ask it TO test.
deanalt (32)
11/2/2010 5:23:54 AM

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