Conditional Sum Wizard

Currently I am setting up a sheet and I am using the conditional sum wizard 
for formulas. Once a formula is created the sytem won't let me copy or change 
a formula. If I try to copy (Copy, paste special) a formula to another cell, 
the formula won't work anymore. If I create a formula with the wizard and 
afterwards change one of the parameters, the formula does not work anymore. 

Can anyone give me a hint on how I can solve these issues? Thanks.
1/6/2009 9:23:01 AM
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On Jan 6, 9:23=A0am, MarcoKoenders
<> wrote:
> Currently I am setting up a sheet and I am using the conditional sum wiza=
> for formulas. Once a formula is created the sytem won't let me copy or ch=
> a formula. If I try to copy (Copy, paste special) a formula to another ce=
> the formula won't work anymore. If I create a formula with the wizard and
> afterwards change one of the parameters, the formula does not work anymor=
> Can anyone give me a hint on how I can solve these issues? Thanks.

pashurst (2576)
1/6/2009 10:17:35 AM

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