automatically copy data to another sheet based on date


Please help me to do 
for example  for worksheet 1 - for month of Jan
    date               member          amount                        Maturity
1     Jan 2             Paul              1,000.00                     Feb 1
2                    2       Jan 4            Mary               3,000
Feb 6
3     Jan 6             Peter              2,000.00                   Feb 20
4     Jan 7             Hans              1,000.00                    March 2
 5    Jan 10           Tina                 3,000.00                   March
6    Jan 20           Mark                1,000.00                      March
  Maturity day not always same no of days.
  I need those rows that will not matured in Feb to automatcally be copied to

Worksheet no 2 for Feb on same rows as Jan sheet 

 so  worksheet 2 - month of Feb will have the follwoing data automatically.
row 1
row 2
row 3
row 4   jan 7  Hans        1,000.00     March 2
row 5   jan 10  Tina        3,000.00    March 10
row 6   Jan 20  mark     1,000.00     March 20


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