"Protect Sheet" #3

I am using Excel 2007 with Vista Home Premium.

I have 15 workbooks, each with 12 sheets. I want each sheet (not the
workbook) password protected to prevent any accidental to interference with

With a total of 180 worksheets I am a bit disappointed there is no way other
than protecting each sheet one at a time entering each password twice...!
......Or am I wrong? I sincerely hope I am.

Can anyone help?


2/26/2009 5:47:49 PM
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There is no built-in way, however, you can write a VBA macro.

Sub ProtectMe()
   For each sh in Worksheets
      sh.Protect Password:="x"
  Next sh
End sub

If this helps, then click the Yes button

"Edward" wrote:

> I am using Excel 2007 with Vista Home Premium.
> I have 15 workbooks, each with 12 sheets. I want each sheet (not the
> workbook) password protected to prevent any accidental to interference with
> formulae.
> With a total of 180 worksheets I am a bit disappointed there is no way other
> than protecting each sheet one at a time entering each password twice...!
> .....Or am I wrong? I sincerely hope I am.
> Can anyone help?
2/26/2009 6:59:02 PM

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OK, I want to protect a sheet against sorting only, eg i want the user to be able to do everything else, just not sort the data. is there an easy way to do this, alternativly is there code that will do the same thing? Thanks Hi A potential solution might be to select all the sheet cells and go Format>Cells>Protection tab and make sure the Locked checkbox is unchecked, then apply Protection but leave Sort unchecked (obviously). Then users should be able to do pretty much everything except Sort. Hope this helps! Richard On 30 Jan, 00:58, colli...@hotmail.com wrote: > OK,...

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good day all,i have a invoice template with a macro set to number them.when i protect the sheet the macros stops working.any suggestions? thx wyn -- wynb WYN Unprotect the sheet, do your stuff then reprotect. Sub Numberit() ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="justme" 'your code or macro name goes here ActiveSheet.Protect Password:="justme", DrawingObjects:=True, _ Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True End Sub Gord Dibben Excel MVP On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 15:55:01 -0800, WYN <WYN@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote: >good day all,i have a...

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