[2007] Multi-tab printing printer tray issues

I have an issue with printing selected sheets in a workbook. If a specify a 
paper source like tray 1 at the printer settings dialog the first selected 
sheet is printed to that tray, all other sheets are printed to the default 
paper source tray

Any suggestions?

Kind regards,

peter4518 (1)
7/20/2007 8:24:13 AM
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If you select multiple worksheets and open the page setup you can set the 
headers and pages numbers for all of the selected sheets.

However, when doing the above if you also select the printer setup and 
select the paper source, it is only set for the active sheet (that is the 
visible sheet). You can establish this by clicking on sheet 1 first and then 
hold the Ctrl to select the other sheets and set the paper source and then 
click on another sheet first before holding Ctrl to select the remaining 
sheets and go into the printer setup and it will not be changed.

To overcome the problem, select all the sheets for the page setup and 
complete the headers, footers and page numbers etc and then select the sheets 
individually ans set the paper source.



"Peter" wrote:

> I have an issue with printing selected sheets in a workbook. If a specify a 
> paper source like tray 1 at the printer settings dialog the first selected 
> sheet is printed to that tray, all other sheets are printed to the default 
> paper source tray
> Any suggestions?
> Kind regards,
> Peter 
OssieMac (238)
7/21/2007 4:30:01 AM

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