Why doesn't this array formula calculate properly using VBA?

I'm using an array formula to calculate row totals off a table of
values. The formula is elegant and straightforward (adapted from
something I found on Chip Pearson's great site), but when it's invoked
via VBA it returns incorrect results; any subsequent change via the UI
or a simple touch of the F9 key and it corrects itself.

I have only a vague grasp of what the problem may be here. What I'm
hoping for is (1) a clear explanation of the failure point(s) in the
logic with regard to VBA's botching of the calculation, and (2) an
alternate array formula that will calculate row totals correctly under
VBA. A lot to ask, I know.

Code to reproduce the problem: Add to a public module in a new
Sub Test_Me1()
End Sub

Sub Test_Me2()
End Sub

Sub Create_Test()
    Dim wks As Excel.Worksheet
    Set wks = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(1)
    With wks
        .Range("$B$2").Value = "'2010"
        .Range("$C$2").Value = "'2011"
        .Range("$D$2").Value = "'2012"
        .Range("$E$2").Value = "'2013"
        .Range("$G$2").Value = "RowTotal"
        .Parent.Names.Add Name:="Sheet1!TableWks",
        .Parent.Names.Add Name:="Sheet1!Wks_Total",
        .Range("Wks_Total").FormulaArray = _

    End With
    Set wks = Nothing
End Sub

Sub Crash_Test()
    Dim wks As Excel.Worksheet
    Set wks = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(1)
    With wks
        .Range("TableWks").Value = 0
        .Range("$B$4").Value = 31
        .Range("$C$5").Value = 12
        .Range("$D$3").Value = 9
        .Range("$E$5").Value = 15
        .Range("$B$6").Value = 121
        .Range("$C$6").Value = 19
        .Range("$D$7").Value = 6
        .Range("$D$8").Value = 222
        .Range("$E$9").Value = 43
    End With
    Set wks = Nothing
End Sub

Sub Crash_Test2()
    Dim rng As Excel.Range
    Set rng = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(1).Range("TableWks")
    With rng
        .Value = 0
        .Cells(2, 1).Value = 31
        .Cells(3, 2).Value = 12
        .Cells(4, 3).Value = 9
        .Cells(5, 3).Value = 15
        .Cells(4, 1).Value = 121
        .Cells(5, 2).Value = 19
        .Cells(6, 3).Value = 6
        .Cells(7, 3).Value = 222
        .Cells(8, 4).Value = 43
    End With
    Set rng = Nothing
End Sub
'---END CODE--
Test_Me1 or Test_Me2 will show you the error calculation; a subsequent
manual change to the worksheet will correct it.

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed. I've put in a lot of
time on this, and any more time you can save me would be much
appreciated. (This is something of a cross-post from
public.excel.programming, so my apologies to those reading this twice.)
2/22/2010 2:28:10 AM
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