Select a worksheet

I'm using the below formula to determine the specific type of equipment from 
a list named: database


value of X2 = DSK and value of X5 = NBK

What I need help with is a way of using the value returned to automatically 
open the relevant worksheet, ie: If "Desktop" is returned the Desktop 
worksheet needs to open and if "Notebook" is returned the notebook worksheet 
needs to open automatically. All worksheets are in the same workbook.
6/5/2010 10:22:00 PM
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Assuming your vlookup formula as posted is in cell X1,
you could place this in say, Y1: 
to produce a clickable hyperlink to the particular sheet returned by your 
Any worth? hit the YES below
"Phil" wrote:
> I'm using the below formula to determine the specific type of equipment from 
> a list named: database
> =IF(VLOOKUP($J$2,Database!$A:$U,21,FALSE)=$X$2,"Desktop",IF(VLOOKUP($J$2,Database!$A:$U,21,FALSE)=$X$5,"Notebook","Error!!!!!!!"))
> value of X2 = DSK and value of X5 = NBK
> What I need help with is a way of using the value returned to automatically 
> open the relevant worksheet, ie: If "Desktop" is returned the Desktop 
> worksheet needs to open and if "Notebook" is returned the notebook worksheet 
> needs to open automatically. All worksheets are in the same workbook.
6/6/2010 2:24:30 AM
Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
    On Error GoTo stoppit
    Application.EnableEvents =3D False
    With Me.Range("A1")
        If .Value =3D "Desktop" Then
        ElseIf .Value =3D "Notebook" Then
        End If
    End With
    Application.EnableEvents =3D True
End Sub

Right-click on the sheet tab and "View Code".  Copy/paste the code into =
sheet module.

Edit the "A1" to suit.

Alt + q to return to Excel.

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP

On Sat, 5 Jun 2010 15:22:00 -0700, Phil <>

>I'm using the below formula to determine the specific type of equipment =
>a list named: database
>value of X2 =3D DSK and value of X5 =3D NBK
>What I need help with is a way of using the value returned to =
>open the relevant worksheet, ie: If "Desktop" is returned the Desktop=20
>worksheet needs to open and if "Notebook" is returned the notebook =
>needs to open automatically. All worksheets are in the same workbook.

6/6/2010 3:30:06 PM

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