Match values in more than one column


I have three columns of data and wish to highlight the matches or
change the format if there are any duplicates.


A                            B                            C

Apple                  Banana                    Cheese
Banana               Orange                     Milk
Chocolate            Milk                        Water
Biscuits               Pear                       Bread
Wafers                Plum                       Banana

So Banana would be highlighted in all, Milk in B and C.  I assume I'd
use conditional formatting, but the MATCH function only seems to let
me compare against 1 column, not a full range.

Is there a simple way of doing this, or do I need some sort of
function  to add together the matches and then conditional format?

If this can be done in VB that is fine as there is a script that
creates the lists so I could append to that.



1/6/2010 12:30:09 PM
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On Wed, 6 Jan 2010 04:30:09 -0800 (PST), Richhall
<> wrote:

>I have three columns of data and wish to highlight the matches or
>change the format if there are any duplicates.
>A                            B                            C
>Apple                  Banana                    Cheese
>Banana               Orange                     Milk
>Chocolate            Milk                        Water
>Biscuits               Pear                       Bread
>Wafers                Plum                       Banana
>So Banana would be highlighted in all, Milk in B and C.  I assume I'd
>use conditional formatting, but the MATCH function only seems to let
>me compare against 1 column, not a full range.
>Is there a simple way of doing this, or do I need some sort of
>function  to add together the matches and then conditional format?
>If this can be done in VB that is fine as there is a script that
>creates the lists so I could append to that.

If you have Excel 2007 this is easily achived by Conditional
Formatting that you find it in the Styles section of the Home tab.
Select the entire table then choose Conditional Formatting ->
Highlight Cell Rules -> Duplicate Values

Hope this helps / Lars-�ke
1/6/2010 12:49:55 PM
Unfortunately I am on Excel 2003 so unable to do it this way.

1/6/2010 1:06:36 PM
On Wed, 6 Jan 2010 05:06:36 -0800 (PST), Richhall
<> wrote:

>Unfortunately I am on Excel 2003 so unable to do it this way.

Then try this macro:

Sub highlight_duplicates(r As Range)
  For Each c1 In r
    duplicate_found = False
    For Each c2 In r
      If (c1.Address <> c2.Address) And c1.Value = c2.Value Then
        duplicate_found = True
      End If
    Next c2
    If duplicate_found Then
      c1.Interior.ColorIndex = 3
      c1.Interior.ColorIndex = 0
    End If
  Next c1
End Sub

Sub test()
   highlight_duplicates ActiveSheet.Range("A1:C5")
End Sub

Hope this helps / Lars-�ke
1/6/2010 1:24:27 PM
Think COUNTIF will work over a rectangular range
Select the source range, which is assumed A1:C5 (with A1 active)
Apply CF, using Formula is: =COUNTIF($A$1:$C$5,A1)>1
Format to taste > OK out
(Banana & Milk will be triggered)
"Richhall" <> wrote in message
> Unfortunately I am on Excel 2003 so unable to do it this way.

1/6/2010 2:35:34 PM
Lars-=C5ke, thank you that worked brilliantly, amended slightly to put
in a longer script:

Dim r As Range

Set r =3D Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("DuplicateRange")

  For Each c1 In r
    duplicate_found =3D False
    For Each c2 In r
      If (c1.Address <> c2.Address) And c1.Value =3D c2.Value Then
        duplicate_found =3D True
      End If
    Next c2
    If duplicate_found Then
      c1.Font.Italic =3D True
      c1.Font.Bold =3D True
      c1.Font.Italic =3D False
      c1.Font.Bold =3D False
    End If
  Next c1

Max, thank you had already used Lars-=C5kes post, so not tried that way.

1/6/2010 7:08:12 PM
> Max, thank you had already used Lars-�kes post, so not tried that way.

No problem. It doesn't take more than 10 seconds of your time to try that 
option, though.

1/6/2010 11:13:24 PM

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