Coloured backgrounds using IF

Hi I am looking to format teh colour of cells using their values

equal to or less than 5 Green
6 to 14 yellow
15 and greater red

any help greatly appreciated.

12/8/2009 1:52:01 PM
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You would use Conditional Formatting to do this - available on the
Format menu. Just follow the Wizard through and choose the Patterns
tab for background colour.

Hope this helps.


On Dec 8, 1:52=A0pm, Simon <> wrote:
> Hi I am looking to format teh colour of cells using their values
> ie
> equal to or less than 5 Green
> 6 to 14 yellow
> 15 and greater red
> any help greatly appreciated.

12/8/2009 2:31:21 PM
Hi Simon,

Highlight the cells and choose Format + COnditional Formating
Press the Add button twice - this will give you three lines.
1 - Change Between to Less than or Equal to, type 5 - Click Format and 
choose Green
2 - Type 6 and 14 - Click Format and choose Yellow
3 - Change between to Greater or Eqaul to, typr 15 - Click Fornat and choose 


Hope this helps

"Simon" wrote:

> Hi I am looking to format teh colour of cells using their values
> ie
> equal to or less than 5 Green
> 6 to 14 yellow
> 15 and greater red
> any help greatly appreciated.
12/8/2009 2:38:01 PM
Assume that you are having Values in A column like the below:-

A Col

Place the cursor in A1 cell and extend the selection by holding the shift 
and down arrow upto your desired cell, keep in mind that the active cell 
should be A1 (Active cell will have a white background after selection also) 

now goto format>>conditional formatting>>Condition 1>Formula is>>paste the 
below formula
Click Format>>Pattern>Colour>Green and give ok.

Then Click Add>>Condition 2>> Formula is>>paste the below formula
Click Format>>Pattern>Colour>Yellow and give ok.

Then Click Add>>Condition 3>> Formula is>>paste the below formula
Click Format>>Pattern>Colour>Red and give ok.

That's it!

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"Simon" wrote:

> Hi I am looking to format teh colour of cells using their values
> ie
> equal to or less than 5 Green
> 6 to 14 yellow
> 15 and greater red
> any help greatly appreciated.
12/8/2009 2:52:01 PM

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