Userform question 12-24-09

Can anybody explain the differences between
showing/loading a userform along with hiding/unloading
a userform??

I'm guessing that a "load" will create the form in
memory but it remains non-visible??  Does that
mean that a call of "Userform1.Show" loads it
in memory AND makes it visible??

12/24/2009 9:09:32 AM
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Show : Calls the userform initialize function the first time and not
afterwards and displays the userform

Load :  Is the same as show but doesn't display the userform.

Hide : Exits the userform and keeps it in memory so the next time it is
Show/Load is performed it will not run the initialize function

UnLoad : Exits the userform and doesn't keeps it in memory so the next
time it is Show/Load is performed it will run the initialize function.

Visibile = True  : Just makes the loaded userform visible

Visibile = False  : Just makes the loaded userform invisible

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