Shell open Notepad and write text

Hi is it possible to open Notepad and write text and let the user print or 
/and save the file, I tried using the SendKeys strText, True after opening 
Notepad but this wont work. Any help would much appreciated.
12/14/2009 11:55:01 AM
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It seems you are having problems puting text into Notepad.  Why not
write the data as a text file then open the text file with note pad and

ID = shell("C:\windows\notepad.exe c:\myfile.txt")

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12/14/2009 12:29:55 PM
If your code knows what to write, you could create/append the text file in code.

Look at "Print # Statement" in VBA's help.

vqthomf wrote:
> Hi is it possible to open Notepad and write text and let the user print or
> /and save the file, I tried using the SendKeys strText, True after opening
> Notepad but this wont work. Any help would much appreciated.
> Charles


Dave Peterson
12/14/2009 1:46:10 PM

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