Running another program

Is it possible to run another program from within excel?  The software I use 
at work is very repetitive and requires the same key-sequences entered many 
times.  I got a key logger to help automate this so now I just press one key 
and the key logger will play back the sequence I recorded.  I now want to be 
able to call the key logger from excel with a parameter to automate things 
5/24/2010 3:47:01 PM
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Excel has its own macro recorder.  Why not use it?

"Stephen Miller" <> wrote in message
> Is it possible to run another program from within excel?  The software I 
> use
> at work is very repetitive and requires the same key-sequences entered 
> many
> times.  I got a key logger to help automate this so now I just press one 
> key
> and the key logger will play back the sequence I recorded.  I now want to 
> be
> able to call the key logger from excel with a parameter to automate things
> further. 

5/24/2010 4:57:08 PM
for my 2c of worth:
- you can try sendkeys method from within excel i.e., instead of your
key logger as perhaps you need to have some kind of dlls installed to
let you automate the other app from vba;
- if your app is in web browser - then you can automate IE from vba
5/24/2010 9:12:56 PM

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