Run-time error for objects deletion


I have made a list of option button. When I select a particular option, the 
excel should identify and delete the previous object names starting with 
"onstrfr". However, when it identifies the correct obj name "onstrfr", the 
obj.Delete gives "Run-time error '1004': Application-defined or 
object-defined error". 

I'll be grateful if someone can help me to solve this problem. 

=== FROM Sheet1=======
Private Sub on3wdgtrfroption_Click()
    Call Sheet2.Deleteonstrfr
    Call Sheet2.OnshoreTrfr(myValue, 2)
End Sub

===From Sheet2========

Sub Deleteonstrfr()
Dim Obj As Object
For Each Obj In ThisWorkbook.Sheets("SLD").Shapes
    If Left(Obj.Name, 7) = "onstrfr" Then
        MsgBox Obj.Name
    End If
Next Obj
End Sub

1/7/2010 10:05:01 AM
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Personally I restrict the subs in a worksheet module to events related to the 
worksheet. All other subs I put in a standard module.

You might get some other views on this but I have seen lots of strange 
things occur when you put subs that are not really related to the specific 
worksheet in the worksheet module.

Put the called routine (Sub Deleteonstrfr) in a standard module and try it.


1/7/2010 10:53:02 AM
Thanks very much for your advice. The problem seems to go away after placing 
the Subroutine in the standard Module. 

Best wishes, Loy
"OssieMac" wrote:

> Personally I restrict the subs in a worksheet module to events related to the 
> worksheet. All other subs I put in a standard module.
> You might get some other views on this but I have seen lots of strange 
> things occur when you put subs that are not really related to the specific 
> worksheet in the worksheet module.
> Put the called routine (Sub Deleteonstrfr) in a standard module and try it.
> -- 
> Regards,
> OssieMac
1/7/2010 11:44:01 AM

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