MultiLine Code Builder, Need Help to Clean Code:

My end goal is to create multi-line code that I can paste into VBE. 
Currently I'm pasting code like this...

If Worksheets("vessel").Cells(CurVesl,8).Value Then
frmVesselLog.DTPICKER1.value = Worksheets("vessel").Cells(CurVesl,11).Value
End IF

For example Column D is:If Worksheets("vessel").Cells(CurVesl,8).Value Then
Column E is : Else
Column F is: frmVesselLog.DTPICKER1.value = 
Column G: End IF

Column H is 
row1 If Worksheets("vessel").Cells(CurVesl,8).Value Then
row2 Else
row 3 frmVesselLog.DTPICKER1.value = 
row 4 End IF

IS there a better way/faster way, maybe highlight all the column I want to 
create into a multiline code to paste? 

I'd appreciate any help to 1-make this a simple process, as sometime I have 
3 columns, sometimes 4, sometimes 6, just depends.

Code below:

Sub Create_MultiLine_Code()

Dim DestRow As Integer
Dim Row As Integer

Dim strA As String
Dim strB As String
Dim strC As String
Dim strD As String
Dim ColStrA As Integer
Dim ColStrB As Integer
Dim ColStrC As Integer
Dim ColStrDest As Integer
Dim DestCol As Integer

Const strConst As String = "End Sub" 'Last Line of Text

Row = 1 'Place to Start
DestRow = Row 'Row to Start
DestCol = 8 'Place for Text to end up in

ActiveSheet.Cells(1, DestCol).Activate

Select Case MsgBox("WIll Overwrite all Data in Column #" & DestCol _
                   & vbCrLf & "Are You Sure?" _
                   , vbYesNo Or vbQuestion Or vbDefaultButton1, "")

    Case vbYes
        GoTo EndSelect2
    Case vbNo
        Exit Sub
End Select


Do Until IsEmpty(Cells(Row, 1))
    strA = ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Cells(Row, 3).Value 'First Line of Text d
    strB = ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Cells(Row, 6).Value 'Second Line of Text j
    strC = ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Cells(Row, 7).Value 'Third Line of Text k
   ' strD = ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Cells(Row, 6).Value 'Third Line of Text f
    ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Cells(DestRow, DestCol).Value = strA
    ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Cells(DestRow + 1, DestCol).Value = strB
    ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Cells(DestRow + 2, DestCol).Value = strC
   ' ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Cells(DestRow + 3, DestCol).Value = strD
  DestRow = DestRow + 3 'I change this depending on the code
  Row = Row + 1

End Sub
11/18/2009 4:40:14 PM
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