How to calculate Yield using Yield Function by C#

Dear Excel Guruz..
I have to calculate Yield using excel yield function in my C# program.In 
order to do that I have import 
using Microsoft.Office.Core;
using Excel = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel;
and write yield calcuation function . My function work fine for office 2007 
but onces I unistall 2007 , my code stopped wokring on any perivious version.

What I have observed my last line i.e used to calculate yield has problem
          result = xl.Evaluate("YIELD(" + days + "," + days1 + "," + rate + 
"," + par + "," + facevalue + "," + frequency + "," + basis + ")");

even though I change my dates arguments , though nothing happens in result.

Help me in this regards 

// ***********************Code*********************************
  Excel.Application xl = new Excel.Application();
            Excel.WorksheetFunction wsf = xl.WorksheetFunction;
            string satelmentdt = dtsatelment.Value.ToString();
            string maturitydt = dtmaturity.Value.ToString();
            dtobjectsatelemnt = DateTime.Parse(satelmentdt.ToString());
            dtobjectmaturity = DateTime.Parse(maturitydt.ToString());
            days = (dtobjectsatelemnt - startdt).Days;
            days1 = (dtobjectmaturity - startdt).Days;
            days = days + 2;
            days1 = days1 + 2;
            string rate = this.rate.Text;
            double par = double.Parse(this.par.Text.ToString());
            double redumptation = 
            string facevalue = "100";
            string frequency = "2";
            string basis = "1";
            object result;

          result = xl.Evaluate("YIELD(" + days + "," + days1 + "," + rate + 
"," + par + "," + facevalue + "," + frequency + "," + basis + ")");

            result.Text = result.ToString();

12/1/2009 9:19:01 AM
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