find mac address of my own computer by excell macro

I am using excell 2002. I want to find mac address of my own computer by 
excell macro. 
3/12/2010 5:09:03 PM
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Give something like this a try.

Sub GetMAC()

Dim strLine As String
Dim bEther As Boolean

bEther = False
Set wsh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set wshExec = wsh.Exec("ipconfig /all")
Set objStdOut = wshExec.StdOut

Do Until objStdOut.AtEndOfStream
    strLine = objStdOut.ReadLine
    If InStr(strLine, "Ethernet") > 0 Then
        bEther = True
    End If

    If InStr(strLine, "Physical Address") > 0 And bEther Then
        strLine = Right(strLine, 17)
        Exit Do
    End If

MsgBox strLine

Set wshExec = Nothing
Set wsh = Nothing
End Sub


Steve Yandl

wrote in message
> I am using excell 2002. I want to find mac address of my own computer by
> excell macro. 

3/12/2010 8:44:33 PM

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