Enter key functions differently after different macro behavior

I posted this last week in the general forum and didn't hear anything.  
Since, I believe, it has something to do with the macro, i thought I might 
have better luck here in the programming forum.

This is more of an annoyace than a true issue but i would appreciate any help.

I'm running Excel 2007.

I'm using a spreadsheet to keep scores for quiz matches.  Across on row 6 I 
have the question numbers.  Immediately below that is a spot for me to enter 
the point value.  Both of these cells span two columns (i.e. column 6 and 7 
for one question, 8 and 9 for the next, etc.).  Then, underneath those cells 
there are a total of 16 rows used for the first team, a set of separator rows 
and then 16 more rows for the other team.  Up to 8 quizzers can be on each 
team but, because of how I have another macro setup, each quizzer has two 

I've set up a macro that will move the selected cell from the current cell 
(in a quizzer row...either column for a particular question) to the next 
question's cell for the point value (row 7).  However, before it moves to the 
next question, it will check the current question to see if it was answered 
(correct or incorrect).  If the question was not answered at all, by either 
team, it will gray the columns (and appropriate rows) associated with that 

Here's the wierd issue:  If the macro does have to gray the column before it 
moves to the next question, after I've entered the point value and pressed 
enter, it will go to the next row down and the first of the two question 
columns.  If the macro does NOT have to gray the cells, when I press enter on 
the next question, the cursor moves to the second column of the PREVIOUS 

I'll include the macro below.  I hope I've delineated the situation and 
problem sufficiently.  Here's a for instance:
Question 1 uses Columns G and H.  The point value for the question is 
entered in row 7 (the cell listed is G7).  I enter the score and then enter 
the appropriate points(either correct or incorrect) for the appropriate 
quizzer (their stats are on rows 8 through 23 and 28 through 43 for the 
different teams).  I click Ctrl-Shift-N to run the macro.  It takes the 
cursor to question two (cell I7). I enter the score and press enter and it 
takes me to H8.  If I had not entered any scores for the quizzer and the 
macro had greyed those cells, it would correctly have taken my to I7 when I 
pressed enter.

Here's the code:
Sub nextquestion()
    'grays current question if there is a no response
    'moves the cursor to the point value cell for the next question.
    'hot key Ctrl+Shift+N
    cl = ActiveCell.Column

    'the first column in each question group is an odd numbered column.  
this sets the column to odd

    If cl Mod 2 = 0 Then cl = cl - 1
    graycells = True
    For x = 1 To 2
        For y = 8 To 21
            If (Cells(y, cl - 1 + x).Value <> "") And (Cells(y, cl - 1 + 
x).Value <> " ") _ Then
                graycells = False
                Exit For
            End If
        Next y
        If graycells = False Then Exit For
        For y = 28 To 43
            If (Cells(y, cl - 1 + x).Value <> "") And (Cells(y, cl - 1 + 
x).Value <> " ") _ Then
                graycells = False
                Exit For
            End If
        Next y
        If graycells = False Then Exit For
    Next x
    If graycells Then
        Range(Cells(8, cl), Cells(21, cl + 1)).Select
            With Selection.Interior
                .Pattern = xlSolid
                .PatternColorIndex = xlAutomatic
                .ThemeColor = xlThemeColorLight1
                .TintAndShade = 0.5
                .PatternTintAndShade = 0
            End With
        Range(Cells(28, cl), Cells(43, cl + 1)).Select
            With Selection.Interior
                .Pattern = xlSolid
                .PatternColorIndex = xlAutomatic
                .ThemeColor = xlThemeColorLight1
                .TintAndShade = 0.5
                .PatternTintAndShade = 0
            End With
    End If

    Range(Cells(7, cl + 2), Cells(7, cl + 2)).Select
End Sub


12/9/2009 3:19:01 PM
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