Dialogsheet Checkbox to Select All Checkboxes

I am using a dialogsheet to get user input. The dialogsheet is created at 
runtime. The amount of checkboxes on the dialogsheet varies based on how many 
tabs are hidden. I would like to have a checkbox on the dialogsheet that 
allows users to "select all" checkboxes.

Code Example:
Dim SheetCount As Integer
Dim CurrentSheet As Worksheet
Dim PrintDlg As DialogSheet
Dim cb As CheckBox

Set CurrentSheet = ActiveSheet
Set PrintDlg = ActiveWorkbook.DialogSheets.Add

'some code used to loop and build checkboxes not shown here

If SheetCount <> 0 Then
        If PrintDlg.Show Then
            For Each cb In PrintDlg.CheckBoxes
                If cb.Value = xlOn Then
                    Worksheets(cb.Caption).Visible = True
                End If
            Next cb
        End If
        MsgBox "There are no hidden worksheets!"
    End If
4/9/2010 3:06:08 PM
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