calling up Save / Save As from a userform

Is there code to allow one to call up the Save/SaveAs dialog boxes using 
command buttons on a userform?

Thanks in advance,

12/17/2009 5:23:01 AM
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Hi Roger

Use this for bringing up the Saveas dialog box.  Attach it to your
code for a commmand button.

Take care



12/17/2009 5:50:55 AM

The GetSaveAsFilename method should do the trick.  You can embed the code in 
the command button click event.  The help documentation on GetSaveAsFilename 
is good, so search the help from VBE for GetSaveAsFilename.

A side note to GetSaveAsFilename is that the method doesn't actually save 
anything, so you'll have to do some input validation in addition to an actual 
save operation (i.e. the Save method).  For example, GetSaveAsFilename 
returns a Variant.   The two Variant return types (that I'm aware of) are 
Boolean and String.  The method returns "False" if the dialog box is 
canceled, or it returns the fully qualified file name (i.e. the directory 
hierarchy, file name, and file extension) of a valid input.  You can test the 
type of data returned using the TypeName function.  Also, the method doesn't 
perform an actual save operation, so you'll have to us the Save method if you 
plan on needing to save the file.


Matthew Herbert

Dim varRes as Variant
varRes = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(....'etc.
If TypeName(varRes) = "Boolean" Then

"Roger on Excel" wrote:

> Is there code to allow one to call up the Save/SaveAs dialog boxes using 
> command buttons on a userform?
> Thanks in advance,
> Roger
12/17/2009 5:55:01 AM

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