zeros are being added to my numbers

Hi when i type a number into a cell ie 6 when i leave the cell a zero is 
automatically added. I dont want this zero to be added
alberyds (5)
11/25/2006 6:55:01 PM
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In front or at the end?


a. Tools|Options|Edit tab, uncheck Fixed Decimal
b. Format the cell as General

Kind regards,

Niek Otten
Microsoft MVP - Excel

"des" <> wrote in message
| Hi when i type a number into a cell ie 6 when i leave the cell a zero is
| automatically added. I dont want this zero to be added
| -- 
| des 

nicolaus (2022)
11/25/2006 6:59:45 PM
Hi Niek Otten your fix  worked Thanks

"Niek Otten" wrote:. Hanks

> In front or at the end?
> Check:
> a. Tools|Options|Edit tab, uncheck Fixed Decimal
> b. Format the cell as General
> -- 
> Kind regards,
> Niek Otten
> Microsoft MVP - Excel
> "des" <> wrote in message
> | Hi when i type a number into a cell ie 6 when i leave the cell a zero is
> | automatically added. I dont want this zero to be added
> | -- 
> | des 
alberyds (5)
11/25/2006 7:15:01 PM

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