working with textboxes-VBA

I'm not new to excel but quite new to VBA.

I'm doing a deficiency log and have 2 input forms.  One for project info
that will be linked to the same cells and I need to be able to call it
up for edit but the cell/textbox links will always be the same.

The other will accept text inputs and put them in a running named range
and I need to be able to access the named range and the related cells so
that the original entry can be edited or added to.  Navigating the named
range is working fine but the text boxes interaction is not working.

On my first attempt, evrything worked great and then a new duplicate
userform was created and thus my confusion.

A start on the 1st one would be appreciated, and the methodology of
recalling a past entry seems to be the key to both.

I missing the basics work with textbox binding, maybe I'm just tired:(.


6/2/2010 6:38:55 AM
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