What is the main thing to remember to get started in EXCEL?

What are some tips to make Excel easier to understand and employ?
2/1/2005 4:41:01 AM
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Just remember that Excel is not a database, though it can do some database
functions, and it is not a word processor, though it can do some word
processing functions.

Get a good book - one by John Walkenbach would be a good choice:


MS Excel MVP

"Mr.Harrison" <Mr.Harrison@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
> What are some tips to make Excel easier to understand and employ?

2/1/2005 1:15:39 PM
if you spend more than 1/2hr bashing your head against a brick wall trying 
to achieve something - it's time to check out the newsgroups

"Mr.Harrison" <Mr.Harrison@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> What are some tips to make Excel easier to understand and employ? 

JulieD1 (2295)
2/1/2005 4:22:14 PM
Save before you try something new.  (Close without saving if you screwed up.)

Backup, backup, backup.

Try things against a test workbook.

Have a real objective.  
Create a car mileage log.
Create a blood pressure log.
Monitor your weight.

Something that you really care about.  If you don't have a real project, it can
get boring pretty fast.

Mr.Harrison wrote:
> What are some tips to make Excel easier to understand and employ?


Dave Peterson
ec357201 (5290)
2/2/2005 3:09:39 AM

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