the unprotect sheet is not highlighted

I protected a set of worksheet in a work book and now I need to "unprotect" 
them but the "unprotect sheet" is not highlighted. Please help

Maddie (5)
4/20/2007 5:10:03 PM
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have you unprotected the workbook first then tried to unproect the work sheet?
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"Maddie" wrote:

> I protected a set of worksheet in a work book and now I need to "unprotect" 
> them but the "unprotect sheet" is not highlighted. Please help
> -- 
> confused
John1063 (943)
4/20/2007 5:24:02 PM

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Is it possible to compare two different sheets similar to the way the EXACT function compares two cells? I have two sheets that are probably exactly alike, but they are two different versions from two different users so it won't allow me to compare and merge. I just need to check if possibly some data has been changed. Thank you in advance Take a look at Compare which is downloadable from here -- Regards, Peo Sjoblom (No private emails please, for everyone's benefit keep the discussion in the newsgroup/forum) "Allison&q...

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