Scrolling rows

Ok, don't laugh. I want to know how to set up a row that will stay at the top 
of the screen when I scroll down the spreadsheet. An example would be Name, 
address, city, state, zip. I want to be able to keep these cells at the top 
when I scroll down looking at the data. Does this make sense?

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11/20/2004 8:15:04 PM
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If your Headings are in Row 1, click into Cell A2.
Then go to Window | Freeze Panes.


"C-" wrote:

> Ok, don't laugh. I want to know how to set up a row that will stay at the top 
> of the screen when I scroll down the spreadsheet. An example would be Name, 
> address, city, state, zip. I want to be able to keep these cells at the top 
> when I scroll down looking at the data. Does this make sense?
> Thanks,
> C-
tjtjjtjt (488)
11/20/2004 8:23:02 PM

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