Refresh existing data when changed in data validation list

I want to refresh my existing values when i change the data validation list . 
Is it possible??? For example if my list contained message1 and i changed it 
to message2 , the changed should be reflected whereever i had selected 
message1 from the list
girl (27)
9/28/2005 10:15:01 AM
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Problem Girl,

Why not select the entire sheet, and to a global replace of Message1 with 
Message2?  That should change the values both in your data validation list 
(use a worksheet range for that rather than a typed-in list from the DV 
dialog) and it will work. Excel ignores changes made to cells with DV when 
they are made through the replace dialog.

MS Excel MVP

"problem girl" <problem> wrote in message
>I want to refresh my existing values when i change the data validation list 
> Is it possible??? For example if my list contained message1 and i changed 
> it
> to message2 , the changed should be reflected whereever i had selected
> message1 from the list 

9/28/2005 9:19:13 PM

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