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  * NEW * DOMUS Domains Toolkit Fall 2004 - Unique on the Net
4 Millions "Whois" Domains data with Expiration Date and Category*.
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It contains a domain database with 4 millions *FRESH* October 2004
New records .com, .net, .org. 
4 Gigabytes MS Excel data zipped on CD-Roms/Dvd. Compression 3:1.
MS Excel or Text tab delimited data files Available!

Each record include the full "whois" fields info and homepage info:

 Domain Name,
 Registrant Company, Contact, Address, City, Tel, Fax, Email,
 Administrative Company, Contact, Address, City, Tel, Fax, Email,
 Technical Company, Contact, Address, City, Tel, Fax, Email,
 Billing Company, Contact, Address, City, Tel, Fax, Email,
 Zone Company, Contact, Address, City, Tel, Fax, Email,
 Name Servers  until 6 name servers with IP addresses

 Record Created on Date, Record Updated on Date, Record *Expires* on Date

 Domain Title, Domain Description, Domain Keywords (*Category*),
 First 300 Words in the Domain Website Homepage.

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The enrolled (final) text of S. 877 as it was passed by the Senate on
November 25, 2003, and agreed to by the House of Representatives on
December 8, 2003, allows e-marketers to send UCE as long as the message
contains an opt-out mechanism, a functioning return e-mail address and
the legitimate physical address of the mailer. The bill was signed by
the President on December 16, 2003, and takes effect on January 1, 2004.

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