I have too many columns and rows, so it prints too many pages.

I have no idea how to put in the formula. I only want to print what I type 
into the spreadsheet. How do I do that without having a lot of extra pages!!!
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7/24/2005 3:10:01 AM
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You dont say if you need to have more pages or not but you need to 
"highlight" the area that you want to print and on the file menu go to print 
area and then set print area.You can then go to the view  menu and select 
page break view to see how the sheet is going to print out.On this view you 
can drag the page breaks(blue lines) to the row or column you want.The file 
menu has a page setup where you can set how many pages you want and the 
orientation of the pages(portrait or landscape).Experiment with that and post 
back if you need to!
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"Help I am new to all this" wrote:

> I have no idea how to put in the formula. I only want to print what I type 
> into the spreadsheet. How do I do that without having a lot of extra pages!!!
7/24/2005 3:23:03 AM
Please put the entire question in the body of the question.  The subject tends
to be ignored once someone starts answering.

Extra columns and rows that are truly empty can be a result of inserting and
deleting rows/columns,  Excel tends to remember the high water mark.

If you have rows that look empty but have formulas in them, they really are
not empty.    You want to remove your unused rows/columns which is
easiest done with a macro and then save the file, if the macro didn't do
that for you.    You can fix up your entire workbook at one time, see
    Why do my scrollbars go to row 500 -- my data ends in cell E50?, contextures.com, Debra Dalgleish

You can read more about the problem and some other remedies at

As a LAST resort you can restrict the print area, but that just allows
you to print fewer pages it really does not solve your problem.

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"Help I am new to all this" <Help I am new to all this@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
> I have no idea how to put in the formula. I only want to print what I type
> into the spreadsheet. How do I do that without having a lot of extra pages!!!

7/24/2005 3:45:20 AM

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