How to set a value in a cell whose address is held in another cell

Say I  have A1=4 and A2="D3", can I write a macro to set D3=4, using the 
information in A1:A2?
Ellis Morgan
ellis1 (2)
4/6/2012 6:22:06 PM
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Sub MakeItReal()
  Dim strText As String
  strText = Range("A2").Text
  Range(strText).Value = Range("A1").Value
End Sub
Jim Cone
Portland, Oregon USA  .   .
(Data Options add-in: row stuff/date picker/random stuff)

"Ellis Morgan" <>
wrote in message
> Say I  have A1=4 and A2="D3", can I write a macro to set D3=4, using the information in A1:A2?
> -- 
> Ellis Morgan 

4/6/2012 6:43:23 PM
In article <jlndga$cr4$>, Jim Cone 
<james.coneXxx@comcast.netXxx> writes
>Sub MakeItReal()
>  Dim strText As String
>  strText = Range("A2").Text
>  Range(strText).Value = Range("A1").Value
>End Sub

Thanks Jim, just what I needed.
Ellis Morgan
ellis1 (2)
4/7/2012 12:45:10 AM

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