How do I bring up a file that I saved as an Excel file?

I am taking classes and have to do work on Excel and was wondering why when I 
save them I can't retrieve them? I can see the file names but am not able to 
retrieve them I am inexperienced on Office.
mslion (1)
9/12/2004 1:27:08 AM
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open excel, choose file & open, locate your files, click on the one you want
to open and press the Open button.

however, if the files that you want to open are on a floppy disk then it is
a VERY good idea to copy them onto your hard drive before opening them.
This is best achieved using windows explorer. to do this:
right mouse click on the start button
choose explore
ensure the floppy disk is in drive A of your computer
on the left hand side of the explorer window scroll up so that you can see
Floppy disk (A:) - or similar
click on it, the files it contains should now be shown on the right hand
side of the screen
click on the first one
right mouse click
choose send to - my documents
repeat for all files

now go and open excel and try again, this time selecting the files from the
my documents directory.

Hope this helps - let us know how you go


"mslion" <> wrote in message
> I am taking classes and have to do work on Excel and was wondering why
when I
> save them I can't retrieve them? I can see the file names but am not able
> retrieve them I am inexperienced on Office.

JulieD1 (2295)
9/12/2004 4:26:03 AM

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