horizontal data to vertical data

I have a set of data list in the horizontal manner.  Is there a macro that 
can send this data vertically instead of manually doing it?

Thanks in advance.

aloy33 (10)
4/10/2005 11:55:10 AM
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One way ..

Assume source data is in Sheet1, A1:E1

In Sheet2

Put in A1:

Copy A1 down by as many rows as there are columns in Sheet1, i.e. down to A5

A1:A5 will return whats in A1:E1 in Sheet1

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xdemechanik <at>yahoo<dot>com
"Aloysicus" <aloy33@singnet.com.sg> wrote in message
> I have a set of data list in the horizontal manner.  Is there a macro that
> can send this data vertically instead of manually doing it?
> Thanks in advance.
> Aloysicus

demechanik (4694)
4/10/2005 12:23:09 PM
From Excel Help:
Switch rows of cells to columns or columns to rows
Data from the top row of the copy area appears in the left column of
the paste area, and data from the left column appears in the top row.
1	Select the cells that you want to switch.
2	Click Copy  .
3	Select the upper-left cell of the paste area.
The paste area must be outside the copy area.
4	On the Edit menu, click Paste Special.
Show me
5	Select the Transpose check box.

4/10/2005 4:49:27 PM

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