Filter for two columns

I have two columns Purchased Date and Depreciation Start Date. Can anyone 
help me to get the records with  Depreciation Start Date greater than 
Purchased Date.
Vadivu (1)
12/9/2008 1:22:09 PM
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sort with two conditions, highlight both columns, 1st condition Depreciation 
in descending order and as a 2nd condition Purchased in ascending order
if this was helpful please say yes

"Vadivu" wrote:

> I have two columns Purchased Date and Depreciation Start Date. Can anyone 
> help me to get the records with  Depreciation Start Date greater than 
> Purchased Date.
> Thanks
Eduardo (134)
12/9/2008 1:33:12 PM
Use a helper col. Assuming purchase dates in col A, depreciation start dates 
in col B, data in row2 down, then in C2: =IF(AND(COUNT(A2:B2)=2,B2>A2),"x","")
Copy C2 down. Apply autofilter on col C, choose: x
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"Vadivu" wrote:
> I have two columns Purchased Date and Depreciation Start Date. Can anyone 
> help me to get the records with  Depreciation Start Date greater than 
> Purchased Date.
> Thanks
demechanik (4694)
12/9/2008 1:36:17 PM

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