deducting a monthly payment

Hi  I would like to have a cell displaying a total outstanding  loa
balance and another cell displaying the monthly payment and every mont
on a set day the payment cell would deduct the total outstanding balanc
and also tell me how many payments i have left. Any help would be muc

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1/29/2006 9:17:49 PM
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Witht the monthly payment amount in G1, for the total still owing try:


This is with the original loan, (1,000),  hard coded into the formula.  If 
you want replace the 1000 with the cell reference of the original total.

For the number of payment try:

=INT(F5/G1)&" Payments"&IF(INT(F5/G1)*G1<>F5," and $"&MOD(F5,G1),"")


Sandy with

"alanled" <> wrote in 
> Hi  I would like to have a cell displaying a total outstanding  loan
> balance and another cell displaying the monthly payment and every month
> on a set day the payment cell would deduct the total outstanding balance
> and also tell me how many payments i have left. Any help would be much
> appreiciated.
> -- 
> alanled
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1/29/2006 10:20:50 PM

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