Copy cell down with automatic updating from cell above

have put this question in New Users forum as this probably a very basi
question that I should know!

I want put something in a cell that will take the cell above that look
in a cell on another worksheet and add something that makes it look i
the next row down

The cell in the first row is:

='Jobs & Tasks'!B$2

What I would like the next cell in the row below to say is

='Jobs & Tasks'!B$3

Without me needing to type it in - so that if I type ='Jobs 
Tasks'!B$2 in the top row

Then I want to put the 'magic' formula in the second row so that I ca
then copy down the second row and each following row will have a cel
where the formula automatically increase by one row

Is this possible?

Many thanks in advanc

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4/30/2004 11:06:08 AM
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just remove the $ sign before 2 in the formula. The $ sign fixes th
variable defined in the formula for easily copying the formulas t
different cells, so you can either fix the row or the column or both i
the formula before copying the same. In your case you do not want t
fix the row so just remove the $ sign

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4/30/2004 11:56:03 AM

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