a sample question about excel VBA

How can I make msgbox like this?
�� there are X sheets of this workbook
    the first page name is : Sheets(1).Name
    the secod page name is : Sheets(2).Name
                     �� until to the last page
    the X page mane is : Sheets(X).Name

How can I write this module?

jazzcarr1 (2)
11/1/2004 2:01:07 AM
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Sub WorksheetNames()
  Dim i As Long
  Dim strAnswer As String

  strAnswer = _
    "There are " & Worksheets.Count & _
    " sheets of this workbook"

  For i = 1 To Worksheets.Count
    strAnswer = strAnswer & vbCr & _
      "Sheet " & i & " : " & _
  Next i

  MsgBox strAnswer

End Sub

Hope this helps

"�f��" <jazzcarr@yahoo.com.tw> wrote in message 
> How can I make msgbox like this?
> �� there are X sheets of this workbook
>    the first page name is : Sheets(1).Name
>    the secod page name is : Sheets(2).Name
>                     �� until to the last page
>    the X page mane is : Sheets(X).Name
> How can I write this module?

11/1/2004 2:35:38 AM

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