Writing Localized Strings In Cells Using Automation

Hola People,

I have written a VB6 application that populates cells in an excel
document with text. The user of the VB6 application selects which
language the text should be in. I have created a satellite DLL for each

Initially, when I would run the VB6 application, the text was always in
english, regardless of the language selected.

Then I started using the Win32 function "WideCharToMultiByte" to use a
different codepage. Now the text is always written in traditional
chinese, regardless of which language / Codepage the user selects.

I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions that would allow the
VB6 application to convert to the required language.

The languages I am using are:
- Traditional Chinese
- Simplified Chinese
- US English (for US, AU and NZ)

I may have to support Thai at some point also.

The satellite DLLs have a resource file with a string table.
Unfortunately, the VB6 editor does not allow the entry of the chinese
characters. This means that I can not do what I would normally do and
paste the actual non-english string to be displayed into the string
I have considered using a custom resource, but I think I would need one
custom resource for each non-english string I need.

I would also like to know if anyone has any suggestions for storing
chinese (and potentially thai) in a VB6 resource file so that the VB6
application can get the strings and write them to excel cells.

Or am I making it too hard? is there a way to tell excel to display
text in cells using another language/codepage/lcid?


virgin_dork AT yahoo DOT com, if you have any suggestions and feel like
sending them directly to me.

3/7/2005 1:04:47 PM
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