writing equations for calculating dates

How does one write an equation to calculate weeks 
remaining prior to a set date?

For example, if there are 16 weeks before a set date, how 
is the formula written to subtract today's date from the 
set future date of an event with the weeks remaining to 
appear in the cells? Hope this makes sense and that is a 
simple task. Let me know.
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5/12/2004 5:56:50 PM
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If you have a future date of 9/1/04 in Cell A1, then use the following to
determine the number of weeks remaining until that future date:


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<anonymous@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
> How does one write an equation to calculate weeks
> remaining prior to a set date?
> For example, if there are 16 weeks before a set date, how
> is the formula written to subtract today's date from the
> set future date of an event with the weeks remaining to
> appear in the cells? Hope this makes sense and that is a
> simple task. Let me know.

joeqcpa (67)
5/12/2004 5:57:36 PM
The method to do this depends upon how you define "weeks remaining."
Are you wanting FULL weeks?  If it is 3.5 weeks remaining, what do yo
want displayed?
To get weeks with decimal it's simple:
If your arithmetic can yield negative date arithmetic:

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5/12/2004 8:22:42 PM

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