Workbooks Opening Maximized

Sometimes when I open workbooks they do not automatically open
maximized.  It is frustrating.

I click on the left hand corner of the workbook and miximize and save
the workbook but it still opens the next time with the corners not
fully extended in Excel.


Excel 2003



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7/26/2005 2:52:07 PM
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7/26/2005 4:47:23 PM
I think excel likes to look at the current layout.  If you have your active
window maximized, then xl will open the next one maximized.

If your activewindow is less than maximized, then it'll open the next one less
than maximized.

So you could try maximizing the activewindow, then file|open your workbook.

One the other hand, you could always force the windows to be maximized via a

Option Explicit
Sub auto_open()
    Application.WindowState = xlMaximized
    ActiveWindow.WindowState = xlMaximized
End Sub

If you're new to macros, you may want to read David McRitchie's intro at:

mdalby wrote:
> Sometimes when I open workbooks they do not automatically open
> maximized.  It is frustrating.
> I click on the left hand corner of the workbook and miximize and save
> the workbook but it still opens the next time with the corners not
> fully extended in Excel.
> Help.
> Excel 2003
> XP
> Thanks,
> MD
> --
> mdalby
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Dave Peterson
petersod (12004)
7/26/2005 4:58:08 PM

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