with ref to the dialog editor question

A few days ago I posted a question about "dialog editor." (please see below) Perhaps I was asking the wrong question.

I'm trying to create a form to input data  similar to the one found by doing a <DATA-Form> but with my own comments etc and using
the targets as different parts of the spreadsheet.   Please can anyone give me a clue on how to start


Bristol UK

"Can someone please help.
I am trying to start the dialog editor.
my book says :-
1 In microsoft excel for windows, choose Run from the microsoft excel control menu.
2 Select the dialog editor option button.
3  Choose the OK button.
But I cannot find the excel control menu.
Please can someone help?
kind regards

dave1840 (5)
7/4/2004 2:51:54 PM
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Maybe this link from MS:

You may want to see if John Walkenbach's enhanced dataform is sufficient.

You can even buy access to the code for $20 (USA) if you want to tweak it some.

DAVE P wrote:
> A few days ago I posted a question about "dialog editor." (please see below) Perhaps I was asking the wrong question.
> I'm trying to create a form to input data  similar to the one found by doing a <DATA-Form> but with my own comments etc and using
> the targets as different parts of the spreadsheet.   Please can anyone give me a clue on how to start
> Regards
> Bristol UK
> "Can someone please help.
> I am trying to start the dialog editor.
> my book says :-
> 1 In microsoft excel for windows, choose Run from the microsoft excel control menu.
> 2 Select the dialog editor option button.
> 3  Choose the OK button.
> But I cannot find the excel control menu.
> Please can someone help?
> kind regards


Dave Peterson
ec35720 (10082)
7/4/2004 5:14:46 PM

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