Why can't I see all the text in a cell?

I am entering text into a cell.  It is a rather large string of sentences.  I 
can not view the entire content of the cell unless I strike F2 to edit.  I 
have tried to auto fit the row, but that does not work either.  The text is 
not able to be viewed in Print preview, nor does it show in hard copy.  Any 
Woody (23)
9/15/2005 3:38:01 PM
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This is in the help file:-

Length of cell contents (text) 32,767 characters. Only 1,024 display in a 
cell; all 32,767 display in the formula bar. 

"woody" wrote:

> I am entering text into a cell.  It is a rather large string of sentences.  I 
> can not view the entire content of the cell unless I strike F2 to edit.  I 
> have tried to auto fit the row, but that does not work either.  The text is 
> not able to be viewed in Print preview, nor does it show in hard copy.  Any 
> ideas?
bigwheel926 (227)
9/15/2005 3:58:03 PM
Have you considered the use of a text box?
bigwheel926 (227)
9/15/2005 4:01:03 PM
You can see more than the 1000 or so characters documented in xl's help by
adding alt-enters (to force new lines in the cell) every 80-100 characters.

If you have lots of text, you may have to resize the rowheight manually (and
adjust the fontsize and/or columnwidth).

woody wrote:
> I am entering text into a cell.  It is a rather large string of sentences.  I
> can not view the entire content of the cell unless I strike F2 to edit.  I
> have tried to auto fit the row, but that does not work either.  The text is
> not able to be viewed in Print preview, nor does it show in hard copy.  Any
> ideas?


Dave Peterson
petersod (12004)
9/15/2005 6:45:36 PM

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