What's wrong in this formula???? #5


Using this formula:

I get this:

G3 = 3
J3 returns result of 4
So I should get (3*150) = 450....but I get 600.00

Same J3, and G3 = 2. 
I should have (2*150) = 300 ... but I get 400

J3 returns 3
I should get (3*125) = 375... but I get 450

Any idea

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11/4/2004 11:48:27 AM
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I see 2 things
1. all the numbers are greater than 2 so it is hitting the 
first condition every time.
in this situation i would try if(J3 = 2,......
2. you don't have a 2nd contitions in your last if.
try......If(J2 >5,G3*(J19*100),0)

>-----Original Message-----
>Using this formula:
>I get this:
>G3 = 3
>J3 returns result of 4
>So I should get (3*150) = 450....but I get 600.00
>Same J3, and G3 = 2. 
>I should have (2*150) = 300 ... but I get 400
>J3 returns 3
>I should get (3*125) = 375... but I get 450
>Any idea?
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anonymous (74723)
11/4/2004 12:15:31 PM
When doing this I always start with the largest number and work my way down.
>5 >4 >3
but why don't you just try what I offered before?

Don Guillett
SalesAid Software
"Ekser" <Ekser.1f739b@excelforum-nospam.com> wrote in message
> Hm....
> Using this formula:
> I get this:
> G3 = 3
> J3 returns result of 4
> So I should get (3*150) = 450....but I get 600.00
> Same J3, and G3 = 2.
> I should have (2*150) = 300 ... but I get 400
> G3=3
> J3 returns 3
> I should get (3*125) = 375... but I get 450
> Any idea?
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> Ekser
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11/4/2004 1:20:56 PM

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