I keep getting a #N/A error even though I think my syntax 
is correct. I am entering:


Does anyone know why I would get a #N/A error? I have 
tried sorting the data and starting with an array value 
greater than my lookup value, and I know that all of my 
lookup values have matches in the array.

Any ideas?
kaitxo (2)
2/25/2004 2:53:58 AM
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If you're certain that there's a match, then the usual suspects are:

Leading/trailing/extra spaces in either the cell reference (or the key column in
the table).

Or if you're looking up whole numbers, then one is actually text and the other
real numbers.

Or if you're looking up decimal numbers, then the actual value of the cell isn't
a match for the table.

You see 3.333, but the value is 3.3333333333333 (for example).

If it's text numbers v. number numbers, you can test with a couple of worksheet


For both the cell ref and the cell that you _know_ matches.

If one is true and one is false, then you found the problem.

You can convert the text numbers to number numbers by 
select an empty cell
copy it
select your range to convert
edit|paste special|and check Add (under operation)

Christine wrote:
> I keep getting a #N/A error even though I think my syntax
> is correct. I am entering:
> Does anyone know why I would get a #N/A error? I have
> tried sorting the data and starting with an array value
> greater than my lookup value, and I know that all of my
> lookup values have matches in the array.
> Any ideas?


Dave Peterson
ec35720 (10082)
2/25/2004 3:20:35 AM

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