Unhiding Sheets

Is it possible to unhide multiple sheets in excel?
venita (2)
7/14/2005 3:11:04 PM
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Don Guillett
SalesAid Software
"venita" <venita@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
> Is it possible to unhide multiple sheets in excel?

7/14/2005 3:33:48 PM
venita, it is with a macro, like this

Sub UnHideAll()

'unhide all sheets in a workbook

Dim sht As Worksheet

For Each sht In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets

    sht.Visible = xlSheetVisible


End Sub
Paul B
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"venita" <venita@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> Is it possible to unhide multiple sheets in excel? 

7/14/2005 3:38:00 PM
GREAT!  How?

"Don Guillett" wrote:

> yes
> -- 
> Don Guillett
> SalesAid Software
> donaldb@281.com
> "venita" <venita@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
> news:4EE61F56-D195-4195-8188-4473F3E31091@microsoft.com...
> > Is it possible to unhide multiple sheets in excel?
venita (2)
7/14/2005 4:01:03 PM

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Buy a Dummies book Regards, Peo Sjoblom That's big "piece of string" question that I would only start to answer by asking three questions - What are you trying to do What are your inputs (data) What are your outputs (presentation of data) Regards. Bill Ridgeway Computer Solutions David McRitchie has a list of Excel tutorials that may help you get started: http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/excel/excel.htm#tutorials impervious wrote: -- Debra Dalgleish Excel FAQ, Tips & Book List http://www.contextures.com/tiptech.html ...

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