totals #2

I've a workbook with 1 project management sheet and several sheets wit
testdata. The project management sheet I use for instance to show tota
figures. For example. I want to make totals for sheet1!A1 + sheet2!A1 
sheet3!A1. As you see the position of the cells remanes the same. Eas
you say....but what I don't know is: how many sheets shall I have, an
I don't want to adapt everytime my formulas after adding a sheet 
I there a possibility to say take all the sheets where the name of th
sheet begins with xxx and make a sum of cell A1?

thanks in advance.


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6/23/2005 8:06:11 AM
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new sheets inserted should be between these 2 sheets in the formula.


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6/23/2005 8:41:42 AM
this solution is not quite what I want.

for instance 

sheet 1: scrn_fun_001    A1: 10
sheet 2: Scrn _use_001  A1: 10 
sheet 3: scren_fun_002  A1: 10
sheet 4: scrn_use_002   A1: 10

when I take your solution the total sum is 40, and I want only take
into account sheet1 and 3. You could say reorder the sequence of the
Not a good solution, because sheets can be added later on, and I don't
want to adapt my formula.

I would like that the system takes all A1 cells where the sheet name
starts with scrn_fun or scrn_use.


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6/24/2005 7:08:32 AM
Here's a small UDF wihch will help you sum the same cell in all the

Function mySum(rng)
For Each Sht In Worksheets
mySum = mySum + Sht.Range(rng.Address)
End Function

A small if statement will help you weed out unwanted sheets, for
instance, lets say you have a summary sheet, and don't want to include
this sheet, then you could modify the above udf to:

Function mySum(rng)
For Each sht In Worksheets
If sht.Name <> "Summary" Then
mySum = mySum + sht.Range(rng.Address)
End If
End Function

The UDF shold go in a standard module in VBE. Press Alt F11 to open
VBE. Insert > Module. And enter the above code.

to summ A1 from all sheets.


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6/24/2005 8:39:52 AM

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