The inverse error function (erfinv)


I need to use the inverse error function

erf(x)=0.8  <=>  x=inverf(0.8)   <=>   x=0,90469

Currently i am using the goal seeker, but i know that matlab has a erfinv function - does excell have one? if not - does anybody know about som java-coding that can do it

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mgs8696 (1)
4/1/2004 1:26:17 PM
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inverf(p) = SQRT(GAMMAINV(p,0.5,1))
inverfc(p) = -NormSInv(p/2)/Sqrt(2)

Mathemetically exact, but not necessarily numerically good in versions 
prior to 2003.


Morten wrote:

> Hi
> I need to use the inverse error function:
> erf(x)=0.8  <=>  x=inverf(0.8)   <=>   x=0,904696
> Currently i am using the goal seeker, but i know that matlab has a erfinv function - does excell have one? if not - does anybody know about som java-coding that can do it?
> Best regards
> morten

post_a_reply (1395)
4/2/2004 2:39:33 AM
Thats works perfect... Thank you for solving my problem

Best regard

Morten, Denmark
anonymous (74721)
4/2/2004 8:26:03 AM
Glad it helped


Morten wrote:

> Thats works perfect... Thank you for solving my problem.
> Best regards
> Morten, Denmark

post_a_reply (1395)
4/2/2004 1:15:59 PM

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